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04/05/23 Hail as Large as a Half Dollar Fell in Seguin, Texas

The Hill Country is no stranger to rough springtime storms as raindrops are carried upward by thunderstorm updrafts into extremely cold areas of the atmosphere and freeze, turning into pieces of hail. This year is keeping right on track, if not more aggressively than in the past.


      • What: 1.25-inch diameter hail

      • When : April 5, 2023

      • Where: Seguin, TX

    Hail of all sizes, but averaging 1.25-inch diameter, pelted the residents of Sequin, as well as La Vernia, McQueeney, New Berlin, and Geronimo. Huge gusts of wind near 60 mph were reported along with those half-dollar-sized hail chunks.

    The Guadalupe County Texas Emergency Management and Fire Marshal on Facebook warned that a storm such as this could cause hail damage to vehicles, roofs, siding, and nearby trees.

    What It Means for Your Home

    Smaller pea-sized hail can cause damage to a roof by

        • Weakening the shingle material

        • If accompanied by strong winds, granules can release opening up the shingle to leakage

        • Bruising of the shingles makes them feel softer when walking across them

        • By the time you find the hail, it could have broken off into smaller pieces, which means your roof, siding, and windows may be compromised

      Seguin hail


      Large-size hail means more damage! These pictures were taken from viewers of KSAT, Texas News Channel on August 5, 2023

          • Hailstorms and the runoff can release asphalt granules opening up the shingle to leakage

          • High winds, which often accompany hail and thunderstorms, can weaken the integrity of the roofing material

          • Dents, dings, splatter marks on your gutters, roof vents, and roof flashing can occur

        Regardless if the hail is small or large, when those feisty strong winds accompany it, damage can be severe!

            • High winds will cause shingles to buckle, crack, or become loose and fly off of the roof

            • Limbs and branches from nearby trees may break and land on the roof, creating gaps of damage

          Walton Roofing in Seguin is here to help! We have been serving the local area for over six decades and we understand the damages that can occur with hail of all sizes. Call today for a free inspection and let us keep your roof safe this storm season!

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