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Storm Damage: 4 Things to Do After Your Houston Roof is Damaged by a Storm

Houston has been known to have some nasty storms pass through. The worst storms tend to hit this area of the country between June and November. Hurricane Harvey in 2017 has been noted as the costliest tropical cyclone in US history. In a short period of 5 days, this storm produced more than 50 inches of rain, flooding more than 300,000 structures, and more than $120 billion in damage. 57 tornadoes were reported during this massive storm as well. The recovery time for this event alone was reported as nearly 15 years.

storm damage roof in Houston

The residents of Houston, and surrounding areas, were tough and mighty to make it through this devastating storm. Unfortunately, 68 people lost their lives during the event. A great loss for many families to endure.

Hopefully, the Houston area will be spared from another storm of this magnitude in the future. However, we must be prepared. What are some things to remember if another storm passes through?

Be Safe

The first and most important thing to remember is your safety and the safety of your family. As Hurricane Harvey taught us, homes can be rebuilt. Schools can be rebuilt. Grocery stores and gas stations can recover. However, you and your family are more precious than any building. Please care for each other and make sure you use caution. 

Enter Outside Carefully

Depending on the type of storm that has passed through, always exit your home with caution and consideration for what you may encounter. If it was a hailstorm, be sure you have proper footwear. If trees and poles have broken and are in pieces on the road or yard, be cautious around them. 

storm damage roof, storm damage repair, Houston

Take Pictures

Note the devastation that may have happened to your home. Are there shingles missing? Broken windows or dents in the siding? Take as many pictures as you can. This will describe the condition of your home. If you are able, take some videos also. This will all come in handy down the road. 

Speak with a Roofing Contractor

Walton Roofing has been serving the area since 1961. We have seen everything from major damage to a home, to minor hail and wind damage. We know the steps it takes to get you back on your feet in a home that will protect you. Severe storms can wreak havoc on a roof, and the sooner it can be inspected after a storm, the better! Call us as soon as you are able and we will assess the damage.  Our specialized team is available to work with you and your public insurance adjuster by providing the necessary documentation they need to process your claim.

Life happens, and storms happen. Nature will do what nature wants. We must learn to work together to keep homes safe and restore and repair as we can.  Call Walton Roofing in Houston for a regular inspection before the storms hit. Any areas of weakness or damage will be even worse after the storms project their fury. We can work with you to make sure your roof is strong and hopefully hold up against future storms in the Houston area. 

Call today, or even after the storms pass through, and we will do our best to restore your home to the beautiful treasure it once was. 

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